Digital Marketing FAQs

The crazy thing about this question is how much time people (and their families) spend on social media, even though they aren’t sure whether it’s the right time to shift. Social media isn’t just advertising or marketing, it’s also customer service, detailed valuable insights into your audience and the best communication tool ever seen from brands to customers.

The days of throwing out some magazine ads are gone and every brand's competitors are gaining traction through their digital footprint. The time to take Social Media more seriously is NOW!

Absolutely it is a fad, just like in 1702, whenElizabeth Mallet published the first daily newspaperor in 1740when the world saw the introduction of specialist magazines; nearly 200 years laterin 1920a huge fad called radio jumped to popularityand who remembers that nostalgic fad called TVwhich was launched in 1941. 

Whether social media is a fad or not, it isn’t going anywhere fastand if it stays around like TV has for 80 yearsyou might not be around to jump onto the next one.

Brilliant! I didn’t realise there needed to be a choice on this one. The answer is it’s better to take socials seriously as it’s reflective of your brand. It’s how your customer base perceives you and how they communicate with you. Is it better to have a rude receptionist or an answering machine? You tell me!

This depends on your audience and where they spend their time. Where is their attention? Did you know the average age for a BBC1 viewer is now 61 years old? Radio One recorded the lowest listenership in 2018 since its recording began.

If you can prize your eyes away from your phone for a few minutes, you will see that everyone is also staring at their phone on socials like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and communicating via WhatsApp... It’s time to interrupt their attention with value.

Every agency has their own techniques, however it’s important to trust the agency who is holding the keys to your brand. Social Media is a young industry but business, marketing, and advertising are more than techniques.

The most important thing is results and communication. What are the results you are trying to achieve and are those results feasible with the money you are budgeting?

There are several KPIs to measure your socials including reach, engagement, social proofing, build in SEO; however, we’re in business and we want the phone ringing and the emails pinging!

Hello Mr Flanged Joints business owner. The truth is that you are in the best era for niche businesses ever due to the miracle that is social media targeted ads. Becoming an authority in flanged joints (or any other niche product) while specifically targeting ads directed at people looking for these products, is now doable.

Google PPC allows us to target key searches while Facebook retargeting allows us to get the product in front of anyone who has sneezed inside a joints shop (flanged or otherwise).

Yes of course. Social Media is something you can do, or you can hire a full-time Social Media Manager to do it for you. It really does depend on the size of your business and your targets. Making content which fits into several different platforms, uploading content with the right SEO and tags, distribution, growth hacking, PPC ads, customer service and reporting, all have their own specialisms so our advice is to not expect too much from one person, as that would be unfair.

If you would like us to audit your socials and give you some ideas or support we offer everything from audits to consultancy through to full social media management. We’re here to help.

Don’t forget about cat videos! Social Media is about consumption just like TV, radio or magazines. These media outlets weren’t invented to advertise as much as bus stops weren’t invented to show off the latest film releases. So it makes sense that when people are being nosey looking through their friend's holiday snaps on Instagram that an advert for a well-known travel company pops up!

If your traditional ads are bringing in more inquiries than ever before, then stick to what works. Sadly for most brands, that is not working the same way it once was. Competitors are popping up everywhere and traditional advertising doesn’t have the same impact as it once did.

The average person sees 5000 ads per day… PER DAY! So you need to make an impact!

Yes, you are right. The reason for this is because of supply and demand. Most social media is underpriced attention because many businesses are too scared to put too much of their budget. However, that is changing massively as more brands become savvy on what is possible with social media marketing and advertising. Our job at Black Rock is to seek out that underpriced attention and maximise it.

This question comes up at every social media event and here is the correct answer. Most worldwide brands are still not doing social media right or maximising what they can achieve from their digital footprint. Worrying about what’s next without worrying about what’s now is disrespectful to how amazing we have it. When you are surrounded by gold, you don’t look for a different mine... you grab a sack!

The rules for this have gone. It’s important to get the right message to the right people and if you want to make a million pound budget advert you can, however, you can also make videos on your phone. If a brand will bring in millions from a video then it might be worth the spend.

At Black Rock, we look at making the right videos to get the most attention and then break those videos down into other content to help support SEO, authority brand building, growth hacking, and ads... It’s about squeezing the lemon!

Social proofing is about easing the worried minds of customers. As we all become more informed due to technology and the internet, we look to product reviews, product authorities and influence to build our trust. Social Media is the perfect vehicle to carry that message and build trust within your customer base.

Do your traditional adverts work as well as they have done in the past? TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers have all seen a drastic decline in their monthly listenership/readership. You are advertising to fewer people year on year if you are churning out the same ads.

The question is: why wouldn’t you go where the people’s attention has moved to?

This last year, the dreaded ‘algorithm’ has been hitting the headlines. The Algorithm is there to stop us, as consumers, from being hit in the face by marketing every 5, seconds which means that getting your message heard is harder.

Here is the punch-line: getting in front of people is easy with the use of digital ads, however getting the right message to the right people in a way that is remarkable (sharable and engaging), with the right offer or call to action. To get the right result is an art form and one that we think we’re very good at.

We honestly believe it should be, yes, because if you look at where society's attention is (so that you can get in front of them), it’s online in different forms of social media.

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