Create Professional Photographs With Just a Mobile Phone.

It has never been as important to use stand out content. Using high-quality photos and media that show you and/or your product, and indeed your brand, at its absolute best!

The best way to do that is to hire a professional photographer/designer/artist, highly trained and vastly experienced in making things ‘pop!’, and free up time for you to be able to do what you do best.

BUT, what if there isn’t the budget for hiring these professionals? What if there just isn’t enough time to rake through CVs or make appointments with potential creators?

Thankfully, there are loads of other options for you, that don’t require hiring a costly professional.

And the best part? … It’s actually really easy!

All it takes is a little bit of planning. Here, we take a look at how you can take professional photographs of a subject (in this case a person), with just a phone.



TIP 1: Add Depth to Your Pictures

Create some distance between your subject and the background. You’ll get a slight blur on the background which will highlight the subject.

OR, try putting something between the lens and the subject, like a feather! This creates depth by suggesting that the camera is so far away from the subject that elements can potentially obstruct the shot.

TIP 2: Use Creative Angles & Perspective

Try out different angles, to get full body shots, close-ups and perspectives.

Use perspective lines to draw the eye to where you want the viewer to look.

TIP 3: Light is Paramount!

Get as much light into the shot as possible. It’s easier to remove light after the shot is taken than it is to add it! Use natural sunlight as much as possible – phone flashes can be temperamental.

We’ve taken these tips from a recent video that we created for WaterBear. You can check out the video here, and give WaterBear some love here.