The Elephant in the Social Media Department

Remember the time when showing off your photos meant a trip to Snappy Snaps and if you wanted to watch that new film it was a car ride down to Blockbuster Video only to find that the 18 copies of The Matrix weren’t available so you took a punt on Universal Soldier : The Return! Or when you agreed to meet someone you needed to be there because phones only lived in the bedroom upstairs and in the hall way downstairs! Ahh Those were the days!

Social Media is a young industry and as it’s evolved marketers have excitedly thumbed their old traditions into this new vehicle and for all intense purposes it’s worked because there was no barrier to entry, no gatekeeper and interrupting someone was simple. Then came along the dreaded algorithm changes stealing the fun like the old lady on the street who punctures your football when it goes into her garden and once again we reminisce over the good old days.

Everyone is pissed at Facebook for complicating things. The shouts of “Facebook and Instagram are dead” and “Why does Mark Zuckerberg keep making it worse!”. We are all fed up with the goal posts moving and also the death of organic reach but this isn’t the end of social media. This is evolution and while we look back fondly on being able to throw up any old crap on our socials and feeling like we have done well because of how many people saw it we are entering a new time. 

For several years while I was doing talks about social media marketing the question of quality vs quantity would arise and the answer was both. If you wanted to grow your socials you needed to post consistently and bring value but growing numbers isn’t the name of the game anymore, it’s about building trust and value in your product which is seen by your customers (paid reach). With the algorithm change value and quality just won the race and now it’s about making content which you are proud of instead of getting attention.

We have been in an era where everyone is a marketer and not a week goes by where we don’t see adverts from kids telling you how to become a millionaire from social media marketing by next Thursday. Marketing became more about technical questions about the platforms like passing the TV remote control to the child in the room because it looks like a space ship! All of these algorithm changes have just asked the question ‘Who is truly good at this?’ and not who has watched a Tai Lopez video and now thinks they are Gary Vee!

As more businesses transfer their budgets from TV and Radio into online they want to know they are in safe hands and some stock photo’s and office photo’s aren’t going to cut it. Content needs to be remarkable and how to get that content in front of the right people then capitalise with the right online adverts to get results takes experience. 

The days of one social media manager with no outside help are dying off quickly and the new era of specialists in content creation, distribution, customer service, advertising and reporting are upon us. 

So next time you curse Mark Zuckerberg for the new algorithm or feature changes think about how he is shaking things up to keep the best quality content and marketers while losing the ‘ave a’go ‘Arry’s’ after all I think we can all agree who wins when it comes to Netflix vs Blockbuster and God help you if you had a late return on Who Framed Roger Rabbit!