Do you know your PPC from your ORM? We’ve got you covered. We’ve created a free ‘Jargon Buster’ (Digital Marketing definitions), just for you!

The behind the scenes systems that platforms use to work out what to present to users. 

The 'back stage' bit of Social Media - where you see the performance of a post.

When you encourage a post's 'reach' (see reach) within media spend (see media spend).

The 'personality' of your brand.

A title that is intentionally stimulating.

The regularity of your posts or engagement.

Anything created for Social Media: images, videos, posts, blogs, adverts. 

The journey from one point to another. E.g. When a click becomes a sale.

The grading given to the quality of your conversions (see conversions).

The written part of a website or page (like this!).

Cost Per Click - how much you will pay per person clicking your link, through advertising.

Cost Per Lead - how much each lead costs in real money.

Click Through Rate.

A section of your Target Market.

Direct Message - a private message sent via Social Media.

When someone likes, shares, or comments on a piece of Media that has been presented.

The main page on any SM platform - usually self reloading and in chronological order.


Graphics Interchange Format.

The repeated actions of a user.

The bit after your @ on Instagram and Twitter, and after the / on YouTube and Facebook. 

The detailed data behind a post. E.g. the location, age, or sex of the viewer.

Key Performance Indicator. 

An example of an ROI (See ROI) or a Profit (see Profit).

The Budget allocated to be spent on advertising through Social Media. 

A piece of content, usually an image, and usually amusing in nature.

Online Reputation Management - how your Brand's Voice (see brand voice) and overall reputation is managed.

Your 'availability' within Social Media.

A goal. E.g. Brand Awareness, better CPL (see CPL), more Engagement (See Engagement).

Pay Per Click (usually in advertising website links).

Facebook and Instagram specific targeting of adverts.

How far your media is spread by viewers/users.

Return Of Investment. 

Search Engine Marketing - Marketing within a Search Engine (i.e. Google).

Search Engine Optimisation.

Social Media Optimisation.

How relevant you are to your target audience.

Selling products or services through Social Media such as Marketplace or Shopify.

Media that is created with the purpose of being engaged with.

Any facility that is created for the purpose of sharing media. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

How you demonstrate your value to your audience. 

The storyline of your Social Media posts.

The area of the market that you wish to target. E.g. The most profitable.

Adverts that are targeted at a demographic within your target market. 

The amount of 'footfall' past your digital post.

The confidence that your audience has in you and your brand.

User Generated Content.

The "" bit of your website or page. 

When that which you provide to your audience, is greater than that which you ask for.

A phenomenon - usually relating to an extraordinarily shared piece of media.

Who, How, Cost, Profit.

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