Organic Social Media Vs. Digital Ad PPC?

With the algorithm changing by the day restricting content reach for businesses, is it time to switch the budget to just PPC ads?

The dreaded algorithm has been affecting all of us for a while and not only has our reach been restricted but it is set to shrink even more in the coming months. But before we make any knee-jerk reactions and decide to start pushing all of our budgets into paid digital ads, let’s look at the evidence.

Social media is a young and ever-changing industry. The reason for this is because of consumption. Most of us think differently when we are consuming social media to when we are posting on our socials. Organic reach is still there for the taking, if you make valuable content which is remarkable enough to trigger the algorithm, and deliver it in a way which invites people to come and play.

The average person sees between 4000 – 5000 ads per day, so bludgeoning people over the head with ad after ad with no value is expensive. We live in a society now where social proof (or trust) takes time to earn, meanwhile making content every day which doesn’t get the reach is like shouting in a soundproofed room.

So the answer is: you need a strategy which encompasses both. You don’t need deep pockets to get your message in front of people anymore with boosts and adverts, but you do need to factor in some budget for your content to be seen. This is what Facebook/Instagram and Twitter want and while we are playing in their house, we have to respectfully play by their rules.

On the flip side, if you are going to spend money on getting your content seen, it needs to have value to the viewer. In order to ‘cut through the noise’, your content needs to grab peoples attention, triggering emotion and building that trust in your brand.

Getting this blog in front of you might only cost me pennies, but if it brings you no value, then it’s still wasted time and money. Our job as marketers today is to build trust and value for our customers by making quality content, and then to carefully distribute it to the right audience with appropriate budgets. This takes time and effort.

The days of shouting ‘BUY MY STUFF!’ are behind us. It’s important to take customers on a trust-building journey for your brand, so over time customers become brand loyal and help spread the word with you.

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