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Search The Modern Landscape

Navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of paid search requires a holistic strategy, engaging content and precise application. New features and algorithms are generating unique ways to bring your key customers even closer to your brand, and drive businesses from strength to strength. 

With 10 years’ experience in the paid search field, we identify how to most effectively incorporate paid search campaigns into your business goals. Whether your audience is found across search networks, social media or across other businesses, we guide users through every stage of the purchase funnel, from brand awareness to completion.

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Google Ads

We structure our campaigns to follow your business plan, identifying the audiences and keywords which are most valuable to the strategy. These ads are effective at bringing you customers who will have an immediate interest in your business.

A range of other features from Google Shopping to detailed demographic targeting can help to showcase your products and services. Deliver your brand message and find new customers today.

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Google Shopping

With Google Shopping, showcase your products where they are most visible to users who are searching for them. Pay for traffic when shoppers like what they see. Draw them in with 360 designs, so they can pick them up off the shelf from their own living room. Recent studies have shown that many users browse Google Images when they are looking to purchase. This has initiated Shopping-style ads across Google Images as the latest innovation in customer acquisition.

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Social Media

Social media ads are pioneering the way advertisers reach new people and generate demand. 80 million small & medium sized businesses are taking advantage of these online marketing channels. Recent investment into advertising tool and algorithm updates make finding the right people even easier. Targeting options that guide users through the conversion funnel into loyal customers. 

We collaborate with you to understand the consumer journey of your target audiences. We create a bespoke strategy to capture the customers who are most valuable to you, filtering these out from the vast network of users.

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Capture users across the Google Display Network, and showcase your brand when users are browsing websites. Build your brand’s reputation by showing your ads only on sites which are most relevant to what you offer. 

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One of the best brand-building mediums is video content. With an array of targeting options and placements, your target audience is easy to reach. Don’t have any videos? We create original video content with state-of-the-art equipment to suit your business and advertising needs.

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Other Platforms

A number of new online advertising & media platforms becoming a greater part of many peoples’ lives. This is a key and exciting time to reach potential customers across these areas, if their users match up with our target audiences. This includes B2B targeting on LinkedIn, and accessing product advertising networks such as Amazon and Ebay.

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