How’s your Social Media doing? Is it working for you? Take our Social Media Audit to give you an idea of how your Social Media is performing, and see how we can help you improve! 

Have you ever used a smart link in a post on Facebook?
Have you updated your Instagram in the last week?
Do you know what Social Proofing is?
Would you be notified if a client contacted you through YouTube?
Do you get 10% of your followers engaging with your posts?
Is your Instagram public?
Do you know what Social Currency is?
Would someone recognise your company from your YouTube profile picture?
Do you regularly check your YouTube comments?
Do you know how to find your insights on Instagram?
Would you feel comfortable asking for a favor from a follower at random?
Does your Facebook have contact information?
Does your Instagram have more than 100 followers?
Is your Facebook name easy to spell?
Have you ever encouraged your audience to like your other channels?
Have you ever created an advert for Instagram?
Do you use Instagram to communicate with your audience?
Have you updated your Instagram in the last 24 hours?
Do you have an Instagram account?
Do you encourage your followers to contact you directly?

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