How’s your Social Media doing? Is it working for you? Take our Social Media Audit to give you an idea of how your Social Media is performing, and see how we can help you improve! 

Graphic computer screen with target and magnifying glass
Could you name your 10 most prolific contributors on Facebook?
Do you utilise location tagging?
Have you ever created an advert for Facebook?
Do all of your staff know your social media handles?
Have you ever collaborated on a YouTube video?
Does your Facebook link to your website?
Have you ever promoted an event that you have held via social media?
Do you know when your audience is most active on Facebook?
Would you be notified if a client contacted you through YouTube?
Do you have a channel trailer on your YouTube?
Would someone recognise your company from your Instagram name?
Do you get 10% of your followers engaging with your posts?
Have you ever created a facebook event?
Does your Instagram have more than 100 followers?
Have you updated your Facebook page in the last 24 hours?
Has a post of yours ever received more than 5000 likes?
Have you ever formed a relationship with a customer on Instagram?
Do you utilise hashtags?
Do you respond to over 75% of your audience’s comments?
Could you name your 10 most prolific contributors on Instagram?

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