How’s your Social Media doing? Is it working for you? Take our Social Media Audit to give you an idea of how your Social Media is performing, and see how we can help you improve! 

Graphic computer screen with target and magnifying glass
Have you ever used Instagram Stories?
Would you feel comfortable asking for a favor from a follower at random?
Is your social media monitored for 12+ hours a day?
Could you name your 10 most prolific contributors on Facebook?
Have you ever used Facebook Live?
Would someone recognise your company from your YouTube profile picture?
Do you have a website?
Do you know how to find out the sex split of your audience on Facebook?
Do you post at least once a week on Instagram?
Have you ever used Facebook to encourage your audience to voice their opinions?
Would you be proud to show someone your Facebook?
Have you ever created an advert for Facebook?
Do you know what Social Media is?
Do you utilise hashtags?
Would you be notified if a client contacted you through Instagram?
Do you have a YouTube channel?
Would you be proud to show someone your Instagram?
Do you have an Instagram account?
Does your Instagram have a link to your website?
Is your pinned facebook post less than 1 month old?

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