Time Managerment

Something’s Got to Give

The world today is full of opportunity and due to social media and the technology in our pocket which is more powerful than Nasa’s first space mission we have so much control. From product research, marketing, advertising, management, customer service, growth hacking, banking, even learning and communicating with some of the finest minds on the planet we can do all this from a Starbucks motorway service station. It’s literally mind blowing what we are capable of every minute of the day.

But with this gigantic opportunity comes a problem… or more a question.. or maybe a problem-y question-y thing which is really big!

How the f**k do you fit everything in? Now that we have to be the masters of our own destiny and be every department in a fortune 500 business, at what point does your brain give up?

Firstly I think it’s important to acknowledge that there is too much opportunity and we physically can’t do everything and more importantly that it’s ok! It helps if you have staff and budgets but even then the ‘MORE’ question keeps appearing. There is no end! You could still add another social media platform and another full time member of staff to build and growth hack it.

There has to be a point where the ‘DO MORE’ has to stop and prioritising and realism has to kick in. We’re all trying to juggle too much and document how awesome are lives are at the same time when most of us are up to our necks in shit every day!

It’s time to thank Gary Vee for his work ethic motivation but also recognise that he does have 13 people around him personally, working on his brand so trying to compete with that is suicide! more importantly not necessary. You don’t need to be on every social media platform on the iTunes store. 

The question, which is a moto I live by is ‘Only spend time doing the most important stuff’. A lesson taught to me by my first boss when I started my journey. If it’s not crucial, leave it or delegate it.

Then the question is prioritising. Most people don’t have a time management problem, they have a priority management problem. I’m as guilty of this as anyone else. It comes from impatience, fear and competitive ambition. I don’t want to get rid of my Instagram even though it’s not the right platform for me. With everything I have on, why have I started writing my second book? Of course I’ll do those 7 gigs this month, that sounds fun! Why am I agreeing to these things when they are muddying the waters of what I am trying to achieve?

I could delegate more, but my ego is telling me that it really should be me that does these things. Saying no to something might lose me an opportunity but committing 10% to 10 opportunities is surely the wrong strategy? I think we would all agree!

Every time you add a new project/target into the arena you are splitting your time and energy even though you are fully aware you are not spending enough time on your current commitments. 

It’s time to be ruthless with your priorities. To sacrifice some of ‘the shinnies’ you want to do/achieve and start saying ‘no’ more. Spending a few hours a week on something that needs the classic 10’000 hours means you have a long road ahead.

With all of these pressures around us in society and all of the opportunities around us to develop ourselves and our brands we have to stop this ‘fingers in pies’ approach because each pie needs too much attention.

Social Media needs to help and support us and not break our brands!