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Black Rock Media is a Social Media Management Agency based in Brighton, UK, that helps businesses build and manage their social media platforms in a smart and ethical way, with a strong focus on return on investment. Black Rock Media takes pride in connecting brands to the right customers through innovative digital advertising.  As many businesses are taking themselves online, it is a crucial time to make sure you are keeping up with the competition and reaching your customer base through the right channels.

The power of social media is undeniable! It allows you to speak to your community, enhance your brand awareness and increase revenue dramatically.

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I help businesses refine their social media strategy to enforce growth, whether that be increased ROI, brand awareness or social following. I understand what a social media marketing strategy requires – transparency from both sides, dedication and a professional who works with you not only to understand your business and it's goals, but you yourself.  Agencies gloss over you as an individual and don't take the time to listen to your story. How you got to where you are today. What struggles you had to go through to get there. Why you are passionate about your business. All these details help me to understand your brand and the voice of your business, which in turn sets the foundations for an unstoppable social media strategy!


"Black Rock Media produced a documentary which was instrumental in securing a £1.2 million investment in our start-up company. Since then they have run our organic socials and online ads to great effect, using creativity and inventiveness to make the most of modest budgets"

Bruce Dickinson, Founder - WaterBear, The College of Music