Who are Warble Entertainment?

Warble entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment agencies designed to help you find and hire the right band, entertainer or live music for your wedding or event across their 2,000 professionals’ live bands and entertainers.

They were doing some Google Ads advertising, but they wanted more, so they asked our help to increase the number of leads through Google Ads.

So, what did we do?

We started by doing an audit to their current Google Ads account to find the issues, trends and gaps. After the audit, we decided that we should restructure all account.


After taking a look at the audit, finding all the best keywords, ran through their search query report, we started to restructure the account with the best keywords, fixing the issues and covering the gaps. When we finished, we went from 95 ad groups to 311 and hundreds of new ads.

Now we would have ads message showing precisely what you were searching, taking you to the best landing page for the product you were looking for. We added hundreds of negative terms, so we could maximise their budget.

What have we managed to achieve so far?

Almost straight away, we saw a massive increase in the Click Through Rate, and with the number of enquires. In nearly 3 months of optimisation, the results were fantastic, we were with a 403% increase in the CTR, we were spending 26%, but the conversions were up by 91%, making a 74% increase in the conversion rate and a 33% drop in the cost per conversion.


If you are interested in finding out more about our services and how we can help you, please contact us to speak to one of our specialists.

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