Who are Trinity Academy, Halifax?

The client, an award winning secondary academy Halifax, England, had a very clear goal; 'To present their staff and students achievements, and good-news-stories, to the local community’. 

So, what did we do?

We produced bi-monthly video adverts for the school, showcasing their individual good news stories, as well as sub-media from that long form advert, including carousel and story ads for Facebook and Instagram. We worked closely with the Academy to establish each presentable and note-worthy story of the school. Our Content Creation team, worked closely with both the client and the Black Rock ad specialists, to create a video advert that would be attention grabbing, serving not only as stand-alone feature video for the client’s website and social media, but also as a well-performing ad campaign. It was important that the advert created accurately portrayed the academy and its achievements, and ’show off’ the academy to the local community and catchment area. 


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