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5 Things You Should Be Doing To Manage Your Socials

If you are running your social media accounts yourself, then you know that this can be incredibly time consuming and sometimes feels like it’s not worth the time and effort. You’re running a business at the end of the day, there are a million and one other things you could be getting on with. But, you know how important social media is to your marketing and sales strategy (at least, you should do).

So what do you do? The answer? PA yourself. That’s right. Be your own personal assistant. This is the simplest thing you can tell someone to do but the majority of people will not do it. So, I’m going to do it for you. Here we go, 5 things you can do to manage your social media more effectively. 

1. Create a schedule

Spend 20 minutes going through all the tasks and commitments you have each week and allocate yourself time slots to complete all of these. If you are anything like me and love a good excel sheet, then I would highly recommend making yourself a calendar on Excel if you do not use a CRM system. If Excel gives you nightmares, then there are a lot of free apps you can download, such as TimeTree ( which is available on desktop and your phone, that allows you to input tasks into a calendar and you can allocate as little as 1 minute to each task, so you can really allocate your time down to the exact minute. 

Once you have worked out what your regular commitments are on a weekly basis, then see where you have free time throughout the week. Dedicate a few of these to social media management. This will include capturing content (photo or video), creating content (graphics, carousels, blog posts, articles, etc) and posting (uploading the content to your social platforms). 

For the first month or 2, don’t try and stretch yourself. Start with committing to posting 1 or 2 posts a week on your social accounts, until you feel like you can dedicate more time to this. 

2. Pre plan your ideas

We all get creative blocks every now and then. Especially if we are committing to posting on a regular basis, sometimes it seems impossible to think of enough information or photo opportunities to cover the amount we need to post. This always seems 100 times harder when we are trying to come up with something on the day a post is due. 

When you are finding time in your schedule for social media management, one of the slots you should be creating is to plan your upcoming posts. Think ahead of time. This way, when it comes to creating the content itself, you are putting less pressure on yourself to get everything done in one go. 

A great way of doing this is jotting down ideas throughout the course of your day. It’s amazing how many things can happen to you in a day that spark an idea or thought and because you aren’t in the mindset of pre planning your content, you won’t write it down and you’ll kick yourself later when you can’t remember what you wanted to post about. 

Great ways of getting inspired are by reading articles, blogs, news items that are relevant to you and your business. Check out your competitions socials as well! This is a fantastic way to see what is working and not working for them so you don’t make any of the same mistakes, plus there may be things they are posting about that spark an idea for your. 

Get used to jotting things down in the notes app in your phone, or voice recording yourself when something pops in your head. You’ll be amazed when you go to sit down to create a piece of content and listen/read back what you have thought of over the past few days how many ideas you’ve had. 

3. Bank it

Another thing that can be truly stressful is not having enough content on the day of posting or having to take a quick picture just for the sake of posting. Don’t do it to yourself. Dedicate a couple of hours a month to get your months worth of picture content that you can just repurpose for a few weeks! It will immediately ease the pressure of having to get ‘that photo’ when you know you have an album just sitting there for this exact moment. 

If you are the face of the company and you are very visibly present on the businesses social accounts then do a bit of research in your area of nice areas, cafe’s, buildings, etc that would look good in a picture, so when it comes to the day of shooting, you already have a list of places you can go to without having to aimlessly wander round and waste too much of your time. I would recommend getting 10-20 photo’s in 5 different locations, that way, you have plenty to pick from and they will last you a good few weeks!

4. Post on multiple platforms

Things come up. You could have done the above 3 steps but no one can predict the future. If there is a day that you haven’t managed to create content for each platform then that’s ok! You can post 1 piece of content across multiple platforms. If you have a photo ready for Instagram but you haven’t managed to write a blog post for Facebook and LinkedIn, then just post the photo to all your social platforms and just make sure to cater the description to each individual platforms voice (i.e. LinkedIn tends to be more formal than Facebook). 

5. Share share share

We have all heard the term, “sharing is caring”. Well it is true. If you haven’t got anything to post of your own but you want to stick to your schedule, then share someone else’s post. If you have seen an article on LinkedIn that really resonated with you, then repost it and explain why you liked the post. Or if there is a post on Instagram that you like, DM the person who’s post it is and explain that you love what they have created and would it be ok to re-share it on your feed if you give them credit for the post. This is a great way of sticking to your posting schedule but also, a great way of connecting with others on the platforms. Social media is amazing for networking and building relationships. So don’t be shy about reaching out and showing someone else’s content a bit of love. You may find they return the favour. 

Hopefully the above tips help you with managing your social media accounts in a more manageable way and makes it all seem slightly less daunting! 

Now, consider yourself PA’d.

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