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5 tips for Facebook video ads

When making Facebook ads, it can be very tempting to just stick with a simple single image to save some time and effort. But video content is far more engaging. So much so that Facebook confirmed users look at a video five times longer than static content on Facebook and Instagram. It’s clear to see why it is worth creating and testing video ads in your campaigns.

But if you’re a rookie, it can feel a little bit daunting figuring out where to start. So here are our five tips for nailing your video ads.

1. Prioritise quality

Now this might seem like an obvious one, but if you’re going to make videos make sure you do it right. Use quality equipment (smartphones can fall into this category depending on the quality of the camera, we’ve come a long way since the flip phone days), make sure you have good lighting whether that be natural or artificial, use plain backgrounds if you are showing off products and get yourself a tripod so you’re not shaking all over the place (you can pick one up online for under £15).

2. Tell a story

Consider the pain points of your audience and then craft a story around those points. The more that a viewer can relate to the story being told, the more likely you are to grab their attention and potentially convert them. If they resonate, they’ll remember.

3. Grab attention straight away

People have short attention spans. If you don’t grab their attention in the first couple of seconds, they aren’t likely to watch the rest of your video. With that in mind, we recommend that you don’t go over 60 seconds for the whole video, so try and get your point across as quickly as possible.

4. Prepare for silence

It’s estimated that around 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Whether that be because people are sneakily using Facebook at work or because their partner is asleep in bed next to them, this is a statistic that should not be ignored. If your video doesn’t make any sense without the sound, use text overlays and use captions.

5. Transform images into videos

And if you’re not yet confident in your videography skills don’t fret. Facebook has a nifty tool that allows you to turn your image and text assets into short videos and slideshows.

Still scared to dip your toe into video ads? We’ve got an experienced team who can help guide you through it or we can just take it off your hands completely!

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