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Communicate with your community

Spending time each day responding to comments and DMs on Instagram may not rank very highly in your daily priorities. But replying to people on Instagram helps to build trust and loyalty with existing customers and allows you to connect with new ones. And making sure you set time aside to do exactly that is incredibly important. Over 150million users have a conversation with a business every month – pretty big, right?

But, how can you communicate with them effectively and save yourself some time? Let’s have a look:

1) Liking comments

If a user has left a one-word comment (“Wow!”) or a string of emojis (🥰🥰🥰), you probably don't want to craft out a paragraph in response. You can simply just like their comment to show your appreciation and save yourself some time.

2) Showcase your personality

Whenever you do enter into a conversation in the comments section, make sure that you keep your responses on brand and in keeping with your tone of voice. If you’re a fun company chuck in an emoji but if you’re a serious organisation it’s probably best to give them a miss.

3) Tag your customers and partners

When posting about specific people in captions or comments, mention their Instagram handle in your text. You might be reposting a photo that they have taken giving you a glowing review or suggesting a brand partner in a reply to a comment. Any time people are mentioned, they get a notification, and this reinforces and grows their connection to you.

4) Some conversations are better private

Unfortunately, not all comments will be positive and often disgruntled customers will want to voice their issues in a place where others can see. These conversations are better to have in a more private space, so respond to their issue in a direct message and leave them a comment so they know that’s where they should head to.

Engaging with your community is a sure fire way to build a bond and also boosts the visibility of your posts in your followers feeds. If you're too busy running your business to give your socials the attention that they need, let us do the hard work for you.

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