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Consistency is key

This is a strange time. Covid-19 has shocked the world and everyone from all aspects of life and industries are experiencing the effects of the pandemic.

People are worried, people are very scared and the reason for that is people want answers, the problem is, we’ve never been in this time before, yes we’ve had other virus’s but they’ve never been like this with this time, with this technology, with these circumstances. People are looking for answers that at the moment they aren’t there. So, the biggest question they’ve got right now is ‘are you still there, are you still with me?’. It’s like a child who can still hear their parents wandering around the house when they’ve gone to bed, it means that they’ve got that confidence in safety, they know they’re still there and as soon as they see people dropping off that’s when the panic arrives. So, consistency right now is absolutely key.

Right now, little and often is much better than one big swing every month or 2. What we would advise is, one small piece of content every 2 or 3 days as an update, as a ‘we’re still here’, as this is what we are doing at the moment, just to keep that safety, that confidence going within your community and audience. What that will do is build your audience because people start coming with you on that journey, they might see you 2 or 3 or 4 times and might think ‘I’m kind of getting into this journey or what you’re doing’ which then builds the engagement which then builds the views and that goes round and round in a circle.

Consistency is key, not just when building socials but more importantly when building trust and faith and authority around you within your community.

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