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Defining and researching your demographic

One of the biggest aspects of advertising is your demographic – the audience that you want to see your content and adverts. Sounds simple right? Well, there’s often three aspects to your demographic: who you think your demographic is, who you want them to be and who they actually are – and these are often completely different. If you are spending money to get in front of certain people (e.g. who you think your demographic is), when it’s actually a different set of people that actually want to see you, you will end up spending a lot more money because you are advertising to the wrong people.

Quite often we talk to businesses and ask them “who is your demographic?”, and they will respond with a broad audience of, for example, 30 – 40 years old and a mix between male and female. But whilst there might be a gender mix, there is no such thing as that much of a mix. We can promise you that 15 year olds and 65 year olds, men and women, people from the UK and people from the USA, are not all into the same things. So, when people say it’s a mix, we say: you haven’t done enough research.

How to research your demographic:

Now if your business’ Facebook page is brand new, you won’t have many insights to check out. But if you’ve been around for a little while, you’ll already have data stored in your page, as long as you haven’t bought likes or followers.

The way to do this is through Facebook Insights and selecting ‘People’. This clearly lays out your demographic right in front of you. You will see the split between gender and age group shown as a graph and then a further breakdown into country, city and language. This is what you should use to build an audience. Less than 1% of people in your demographic aged over 65? Well then there’s no point in advertising to them, it’s as easy at that.

Once you have found out who your key demographic is spend some time really thinking about who they are as a person. Give them a name, let’s say Jack. Write down who is Jack? What is he about, what does he stand for? What does he love? What can we find so we can attach this ad to a demographic?

It’s absolutely crucial that you define your audience and you know them in as much detail as possible. The reason for this is that in advertising, the more you can squash the characteristics into a demographic that all fits together, the cheaper and easier it is to advertise to and get in front of them.

Now go and find your demographic and get your content and ads in front of them! If you need any help or advice, give us a call and we’ll talk you through it!

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