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How to write attention grabbing Facebook ad headlines

You have a split second to grab attention when you are interrupting people on their social media, and while the headline isn’t the first thing people see, it is usually the reason why people commit to buy. At Black Rock Media our pet peeve is seeing adverts with no headline as it’s such a wasted opportunity. So, let’s look at how you can improve your conversion rates with a few tips and tricks.

Where is the headline on a Facebook ad?

You would always expect the headline to be the first thing with a picture or video but, in this instance the headline is found at the bottom of the advert. So, while the headline isn’t the first thing people see, it can reinforce your message with words that capture attention or push home a specific message. This is an opportunity to add that knockout punch to your ads.

Our biggest tip is not to leave it blank or just add a brand name, instead use the opportunity to shout about a free trial, sale or USP.

Let’s look at some good practices:

1. The why is more than the what

A student letting company might be showing off a room in a shared house, or are they showing off the lifestyle and freedom of a young adult leaving home, meeting new friends and starting their new adventure? The headline can tie into the emotional narrative of your product or service, e.g. “your new adventure starts here”.

2. Spell out the specifics

If you have a great offer or deal, then this is the place to emphasise the opportunity. One thing to remember is that most people lack imagination when browsing, so spell out how great your offer is! “20% OFF NOW!”

3. Hammer home that USP

The average person sees over 5000 messages every single day and whilst a picture tells a story, your headline has the opportunity to spell out what is unique or special about your product or service. E.g. “study your Masters degree online.”

4. Test to see what works

The headline in your Facebook advert should be seen as an opportunity. When you are spending money on trying to hook people in, why wouldn’t you want to make sure you have made the strongest ad possible in order to keep the conversion rate at a minimum? If you don’t know which headline would work best for you, Facebook gives you the chance to split test them against each other to find out which the audience reacts to the best.

Now go optimise your ads and take over the world!

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