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Is Bing better than Google for smaller advertisers?

If you gave people the option of whether they had to use Google or Bing for the rest of their internet searching lives, there wouldn’t be any surprises if Google had a significant majority. Google is so huge that telling someone to “Google it” has made its way into our daily vocabulary. But, when it comes to advertising, Bing actually has some real advantages that are not always considered...

Lower Cost per Click

There is significantly less competition for Bing ads which means lower CPCs. Due to bigger advertisers spending less in Bing, it can cost smaller advertisers significantly less to get in a good position. In fact, research published by ReportGarden suggested that CPC on Bing was on average 60% less than that of Google.

Stronger Return on Investment and lower Cost per Action

Due to Bing having lower CPCs and higher click-through rates, this quite often equates to significantly higher ROI and lower CPAs for smaller advertisers. Whilst Bing does not have the lion share of the market like Google, there are still 376 million monthly desktop searchers on the Microsoft Search Network in the UK alone. Probably a bit more than you were expecting, right?

It’s bigger than Bing

When you pay to advertise on Bing, that’s not the only engine that your ad will show on. Bing ads also appear on other search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, and Ecosia. Ecosia alone now has 15 million active users, and whilst that is just a scratch on the surface of the number using Google, it’s still 15 million people that you can get in front of.

Whilst Bing may not work for everyone, at Black Rock Media we always encourage businesses to give it a test. There are no shortcuts in telling whether they will be effective for you, but for the potential return you could achieve, it may well be worth your while. Bada Bing bada boom!

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