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The 7 touchpoints of content marketing

In marketing and advertising there is a theory, and that theory is that people don’t just buy something for the sake of it, they need to go through a process. And that process is broken down into 7 touchpoints.

The 7 touchpoints don’t necessarily mean that they need to see your product 7 times, but that they need to go through a process of 7 stages in order to complete the cycle. This theory is really important and one of the main reasons that a lot of Facebook ads do not work is because people miss out these touchpoints and go straight in for the kill every single time. There’s no romance, no trust, no proof and no excitement! It’s simply just “buy this”.

For a lot of products, people aren’t ready to buy them straight away. So, whereas most people just whack customers over the head until they are ready to buy, there is actually a cheaper and more effective way to do it – by following the 7 touchpoints.

So, what are the 7 touchpoints?

1. Awareness – Who you are/first impression.

Someone is scrolling through Facebook and you pop up. They have never heard of you before, so they go “hang on, who is this?”. This is your first touchpoint – the first time they lay eyes on you. This is their first impression of you, who you are, what you do, so make it as valuable as possible. You may remain on this touchpoint for a while as people see you and then forget you, see you and then forget you. But once someone sees you and doesn’t scroll past, it’s time for touch point number two.

2. Engagement – Liking/commenting etc

At this touchpoint people are actually liking your posts and engaging with you. They have seen you, know who you are and what you do and are ready to get involved with you. This leads us on to touchpoint three.

3. Trust – Proof has been built

Trust is so important, and it’s not just trust in buying something – it’s trust in wanting to be part of your tribe.

4. Consideration –Try before you buy

This might be a freebie or an offer, but this is a chance for people to dip their toe in the water before they commit to buying. They’re trying it, seeing if they like before taking it a stage further.

5. Justification – The reason to buy

When it comes to buying, people buy with their heart but the justify with their brain – and that justification is one of the touchpoints. For your advertising strategy you need to consider why a customer would justify to themselves buying your product or service, e.g. what are the benefits of purchasing or is there an offer that justifies it?

6. The purchase – Committing to buy

Here’s the big one! Although there are seven touchpoints, the purchase is actually number six. But it doesn’t always have to be a purchase of a physical item. If your goal is to get them to subscribe to you – this counts as the ‘purchase’ for you.

7. After sales – Repeat, refer or recommend

Now comes the post-sale –the three R’s. Refer another customer to you, recommending a friend or repeating the process themselves. Retarget and remarket to these customers to keep them coming back for more.

Once you fully understand the above touchpoints, you will be in a better position to create awesome content to push them through your sales funnel. Now go and get them!

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