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Why Facebook thinks your ad is low quality

Congratulations, you have acknowledged the power of Facebook ads and are putting them out there! But what you might not have realised is Facebook has some tough restrictions and penalties for businesses that create low quality ads. So, what exactly is classed as a low quality ad? Let’s have a look in more detail so you know what not to do.

1. Engagement bait

You know how irritating it was when people on your feed would post something like: “like for a like” or “follow for a follow”? Well Facebook hates that too. So much so that they have specific rules against these type of posts that are repurposed as ads. Whilst it’s understandable you would want to use these tactics to boost engagement, after all, engagement is key to maximising reach within the News Feed algorithm, Facebook deems this as spammy.

2.Withholding information

Ahhh, the classic click bait tactic: withholding information to entice people to click in order to understand the full context. These types of ad are just outright annoying, and you may have noticed that you are seeing less and less of them on your own feed. This is because Facebook really doesn’t want this type of content being promoted and seen by more users. It was actually one of the original motivators for its algorithm, due to concerns it was getting overrun by clickbait and spam. Facebook wants users to stay on Facebook, and if you are getting hounded by spam, you are not sticking around.

3.Sensationalised language

Now no one will judge you for adding superlatives to your headlines to grab attention –‘MIND-BLOWING’, ‘YOU WON’T BELIEVE..’, because they can be effective. Well, actually there is one super power that will judge you – can you guess who it is? Facebook is cracking down on exaggerated headlines that don’t deliver when the user reaches the landing page, so steer well clear of this. Make sure your content aligns with the claims in your headline.

4. Too wordy

Your ad's images or video thumbnails contain too much text. Significant text = the ad will not run. It really is as simple as that. Check acceptable amounts of text here:

If you hit any of the above points, you will see reduced distribution in Facebook ad auction or your ad will be disapproved. Your ads will get less reach which means higher costs for lower performance. To run a truly successful ad campaign, be upfront and honest about your products and services, and avoid the spammy, clickbait approaches.

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