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Why no one is seeing your posts - a guide to the Instagram algorithm

Every user’s feed is organised according to the algorithm’s rules. The algorithm can change regularly and can have a profound impact on your visibility and engagement. Here’s 4 factors that currently influence its decisions and how to utilise these for your own account:


Instagram wants its users to enjoy the app in a meaningful way so it will prioritise accounts that you care about.

If you frequently exchange DMs, tag posts and leave comments with someone, the algorithm will assume a close relationship between you so the more likely you are to see their content.


The algorithm will look at what types of post you have enjoyed in the past and use this to predict what posts you might like in the future. The more Instagram thinks you will like a post, the higher it will rank.


The more recent the post the higher it will rank, so it’s crucial to post when your followers are mostly likely to be online.

If you have a business Instagram account, you can use its analytics tools to figure out the best time to post.


If you spend a lot of time on the Gram, the more likely you are to see fresh content. If you only log in a couple of times a day, the algorithm is going to show you the highlights since the last time you went for a scroll.

What you need to do:

- Post consistently to gain traction

- Use analytics to find the best time to post

- Encourage engagement with your posts and respond comments and DMs

We love social media, so if you have any questions our experts are always happy to talk!

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