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We help businesses build and manage their PPC accounts in a smart and ethical way. Combining limitless creativity, strong communication and data-driven insights to boost brand loyalty whilst fostering high-volume retention and advocacy. 

Smarter, Data-Driven Campaign Management

Here at Black Rock Media, we are passionate about connecting brands to the right customers through innovative PPC advertising. Driving impeccable results has never been easier.

Highly Targeted Campaigns


Gain access to a whole new world of audience insights. We ensure that your ads are put in front of the right people, at the right time in order to maximise sales and brand recognition. 




With a solid PPC strategy, you don’t have to think about the long game. Within hours of launching your campaigns, you will start receiving traffic to your website leading to an increase in your sales.



Target users who are actively searching for your product or service via search engines. Generating direct-response conversions quickly and efficiently.


Target and engage audiences that have shown interest in topics related to your business with a message that appeals to them. Build brand recognition and generate sales through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram Ads.


Target the right users and generate brand awareness through visually appealing display ads. Generate new customers and retarget users who have previously visited your website.

Strategy tailored to your business


Your strategy will be tailored to the nature of your business and your budget. With easy access to performance data and our customised spend tracker, you’ll have no problem attaining impeccable results within your budget.