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If you’re running any kind of business, it is no secret that providing value through online content should be your #1 priority in order to expand your audience and reach more potential customers.

At Black Rock Media...

At Black Rock Media, we combine our years of expertise in audio, photography and video production, to bring you the best content in the market. Using commercial-grade equipment, our team of creators capture your adventures and turn them into stories that will captivate your target audience. This will successively turn into more traffic to your online platforms and higher conversion rates. (ie. more sales!) Whether you’re looking to start a podcast, produce written content, post pictures on Instagram or even start a YouTube channel, we’ve got all the tools and expertise you need to yield jaw-dropping results.

The key to maximising returns is to eliminate any unwanted factors and to streamline our production systems. This is why we put a strong emphasis on writing scripts, building storyboards and putting shot lists together for all of our clients’ projects. This ensures that everyone knows what their tasks are on the production day, and that we get the most out of our time spent with our clients.

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Content Creation

Using our state-of-the-art production suite, our team of editors are able to break down your “pillar” content into smaller pieces, designed for specific platforms and purposes. This final step is instrumental in order to maximise ROI and get the best results.

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Promotional Videos

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