Bespoke services tailored to you and your business

Black Rock Media will help design the right social media strategy according to your objectives, skill set, and priorities.

It’s clear that social media is now an integral part of any marketing/advertising business strategy, however, with so many options, creative ideas and pitfalls, where should you start? Your social media strategy is crucial in order to maximise your time and budget. It’s about the right strategy for your objectives and not more, more, more! Many companies feel the pressure to be on every platform which is expensive, time-consuming and technically exhausting.


An initial strategy meeting will be scheduled with you to get to know you and your business. We will discuss what it is you are looking to achieve from your social media accounts in order to create a strategy that is bespoke to you and your company.


The bedrock to any successful social media campaign is an in-depth audit of all of your social media accounts. By doing this, we can identify key areas to improve, missed opportunities and a clear plan to improve your brand online.


We will create any accounts/platform pages that are not already in place in order to implement the agreed upon strategy. Scheduling, tracking, reporting and any other procedures will be created within the set up period.


Content is king! This is true for all forms of digital marketing, especially when it comes to social media. Your content is the vessel in which you will communicate with your customers and fans. Getting this right is the key to successful reach in the social media landscape.


After all procedures and schedules have been created, we will begin to put your content live on your chosen platforms. We will track post performance and community engagement in order to start building a picture of what posts perform the best. 


Reports will be sent on a monthly basis, detailing each adverts performance for that given month. Black Rock Media will provide regular updates alongside this to your point of contact, so you are never out of the loop.

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Facebook and Instagram advertising expert

Provide real value with your social presence

My entire digital marketing philosophy is one of holistic marketing and value. I understand the differences between businesses and the importance of harnessing your own voice and demonstrating value on social media.


We live in the age of honesty and transparency in marketing. One of the reasons businesses hesitate to hand over the keys to their social media presence to an outside company is through fear of losing their identity in a sea of mediocrity. 


Black Rock Media take the time to listen to you and your customers to develop cutting edge social media strategies. Humanising your brand and marketing through a lens of authenticity is the way to succeed with social media marketing. The businesses that offer no value in their posts or try pull the trigger without loading the gun with a dedicated audience first are missing out! Learn how to provide value in your content and build brand trust.


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