How to stay consistent with your social media

I really believe that when it comes to social media, brands and creatives are not taking Youtube seriously enough. I’ve made friends from all over the world and had so many opportunities because of this channel, more so than any other platform I have.

How to stay consistent with your social media

To truly master social media and build your brand, you need to master the 3 C’s, which are:




The toughest of these 3 C’s is consistency! Building a business and brand doesn’t lend itself to routine and The God’s of Entrepreneurialism don’t play fair, so while you are spinning all of those plates, is it possible to be consistent with content for social media? Of course it is and we are here to help by giving you the tools to take over the world while being more consistent than my dad’s first dump of the day… regular as clockwork!

8 Steps To Being More Consistent

Set yourself up to succeed

The key to setting yourself up to succeed is simplicity. You don’t need all of the camera gear or a state of the art editing media suite and you also don’t need to be making content for every platform. These are sure fire ways to failure. Right now it’s about your voice. Bob Dylan once wrote ‘All you need is 3 chords and the truth’ and this sums up the start of your social media content creating journey.

‘All you need is 3 chords and the truth’ – Bob Dylan

This is about your story and your truth! Everything after that is production value which is helpful but not essential. Your phone means you are more equipped than any business leader of the last century.

Realistic weekly targets

“More More More” says Gary Vaynerchuk – great advice however one thing you might not be aware of is that Gary Vaynerchuk employs 30 people just for his personal digital brand building across every platform… That’s right, THIRTY! So let’s be realistic and set ourselves up to succeed by setting targets that allow you to bring value to an audience while allowing ourselves some sleep from time to time. I would recommend one piece of macro content per week which can be broken down into several pieces of micro content. See our blog on breaking down content here……..

Patterned content

Patterned content is what I call themed content where the structure stays the same each week. An example of this might be a 20 minute show/podcast which is easily dissectible for other platforms. The best thing about a podcast is how much repetition (patterned content) there is, from the location and set up, lighting, content structure and even intro’s, jingles or outro which means you have a lot less to plan. Trying to create new content every day with no structure is not difficult, it’s downright impossible!

Check out the Black Rock Social Media Podcast here.

Allocate a consistent time 

Trying to fit content creation into your busy schedule is difficult, but if you want to build a brand digitally you need to give social media the respect it deserves. You wouldn’t shift a meeting with your bank manager each week so don’t do it to your audience either. If you get the pattered content right you should be able to allocate 1-2 hours per week to prepare and create your content. Our Black Rock podcast usually breaks down to 90 mins of preparation and 30 mins filming while editing is minimal.  

Titles document

The best piece of advice I can give you is to start a document on your phone called ‘Titles’ and whenever you think of a great title or something happens in your business which you think is important to tackle make a note of it immediately. With over 100 messages a day, I find myself coming up with themes and titles daily due to the problems thrown at me. This takes away the need to be inspired and ensures your preparation is half done with a great title. What is the most asked question you get asked? Start with making content around that subject with a killer title.

Announcing your targets

With social media you need to be held accountable, so whether you are making content for YouTube, iTunes, Facebook or Instagram, why not create a banner which tells the audience what to expect when they subscribe to your channel. When you announce to your audience ‘New Content Every Week’ or ‘New Podcast Every Thursday’, it means you are being held accountable and can’t make excuses allowing the inconsistencies.

Reports help

Just like any fitness coach or personal trainer will tell you, seeing results builds momentum (and consistency). And when you see that people are starting to watch, listen or read things get exciting even when the numbers are small. It means you aren’t speaking into an echo chamber and someone is listening and interested. So in order to see these results check your numbers weekly/monthly like a report. This also helps to know what is working and what isn’t as you are progressing.

Budgets solve problems

You are here because you know how important social media is, however it’s also not at the top of your priority list when you have fires to put out every day. My first ever boss gave me some great advice once, he said “only spend time doing the most important thing and if you can delegate do it!”

If you are struggling with your socials because it is a big commitment, why not bring in outside help? Whether that is with the video production, the creative ideas, the uploads and research or the community building engagements there are people who can help with some or all of it allowing you to concentrate on steering your ship.

The last piece of advice I would give you is while it’s acceptable to delegate aspects of your social media, please remember that this is your brand and therefore your baby; it’s something you have breathed life into and nurtured so let’s not go back to the early 2010s where we hired an intern and gave them the keys to the Ferrari!

if you have any problems and you think we can help why not drop us a line at

Now go change some lives!

It’s in Youtube’s best interest to see your channel grow and it will do what it can to help get your content seen if it feels like it’s the best thing for the consumer. Youtube is the second largest search engine outside of Google (and who owns Youtube?) so your content can be evergreen which means it can be found in searches if it’s uploaded correctly. Lastly let’s not forget Youtube’s diehard community! 

If you are a little embarrassed about your Youtube and want to build it, now is the time so here is my 10 step guide to growing your youtube channel.

  1. Titles – I wish I had done this from the start. If you want traction on YT and you want to gain followers and get views you will need to play the game and base your video around the title instead of the other way around. Give people content they want to watch and the way to do that is to come up with title first, then ask one question … Would you watch a video called *insert title*. Also remember that 1st impressions count so think about how people will react to the title and how you can make evergreen content with a searchable heading.
    Example – ‘How to grow your Youtube channel’ is more searchable than ‘Cracked Youtube and now you can too’
  2. Trends – Youtube has trends and while you don’t NEED to keep up with them it does help. Vlog numbers have taken a dive over the last few years but quality & creative content always wins. Current trends include ‘Challenge videos’ or ‘What happens when’ videos.
    EG – ‘We wrote 30 songs in 30 days… this is what happened!’ 
  3. Banners – Your banner is your first impression and tells the consumer who you are and what you stand for but also let’s them know what to expect from your channel and why to subscribe. This is the place to dictate the pace of your content creation for example, NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! 
  4. Shelves – Shelves are the playlists of videos on your channel. These playlists allow you to organise your videos into categories and make your channel more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. If you have a selection of ‘How to’ videos mixed with ‘News’ videos or you have different presenters this is your chance to separate them like a TV channel would into categories.
  5. Comments – Comments aren’t important, right? WRONG! Comments are the lifeblood of growth. This is an opportunity to build your channel at the speed of light. If you leave your comments unanswered you have a hole in your bucket but also if you find yourself saying thank you to most of your comments then today it stops. Every comment is an opportunity to open up the conversation and relationship. A comment like ‘Great vid’ can be greeted with questions like ‘Thanks, where are you from?’ or ask them about their story or experience. Remember that people don’t subscribe until they are invested and you can speed up that process.
  6. Consistency – We know that consistency is key but how often is too often? If we are talking about quality vs quantity the answer is now quality trumps quantity although there is only a certain amount of time that excitement lasts before another video is needed. My advice is to commit to creating something great once a week.
  7. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, those words that strike fear into anyone who doesn’t play Battleships and carry a handkerchief! Well you don’t need to be a geek as Youtube is helpful when it comes to SEO. Your job is to see the opportunities when it comes to the title, description and meta tags. These are opportunities to tell Youtube and everyone else what the video is about and who it should be shown to. Google is like a doting puppy it want’s to do the right thing and your job is to help it succeed.
  8. Ask – As simple as it sounds if you want people to subscribe, are you asking? Ask them at the start and end of the video then again in the description as people need reminding. Then when you are out with friends or friends of friends ask them if they have a Youtube account? Of course they do so ask them or just take their phone off them and do it for them.
  9. Remove excuses – Youtube is hard work! YES That’s why you can win on it, because most people and brands are too lazy and think of the short term game. If you want to build authority, entertain or educate this is THE place to do it! 
  10. Learn – Youtube has given me so many opportunities already and they are growing quickly as my channel grows. If you want to get good at Youtube the best bit of advice is to dive in and make mistakes while experimenting and learning from other blogs and Youtube videos. it doesn’t take long and I promise you it’s worth it!

Bonus tip – If you are serious download Tube-buddy which will help with how you upload and comments… It’s a youtube management app that keeps everything together.

I forgot the biggest tip of all! For guaranteed Youtube world domination, subscribe to