What is PPC? Everything you need to know about Pay Per Click advertising

WTF is PPC?!

The term PPC is thrown around these days, and not least by us at Black Rock Media – particularly in our podcast (link). Hold hands up time, we have been guilty of assuming that everyone knows what PPC is. 

Like the dovetail joint to a carpenter, the zygomatic bone to a doctor, or the guitar pick…to…the guitarist (sorry guitarists) – PPC is a term that people in digital advertising assume everyone knows. Not everyone does, and that’s fine…keep reading and you will!

This blog is going to explain the basics of PPC, starting with what it stands for (hint: it’s in the title). PPC = Pay Per Click. So you knew more than you thought, right?! 

You: ‘But what does Pay Per Click mean?’ 

Me: ‘Well what do you think it means?’ I respond, philosophically (read – annoyingly).

You: ‘I guess it means you pay each time someone clicks on a link, right?’

Me: ‘That’s right Gwen, 10 points to Gryffindor.’

You: ‘Don’t call me Gwen…’

To find out exactly what PPC is, I asked our PPC expert Charlie to explain what PPC is in less than 99 words. 


Charlie said yes, and then replied with this…

PPC is…. (are you ready)

Pay-Per-Click advertising.

This is just one way to target your marketing budget into advertisements across the internet’s abundance of search, consumer & social media platforms, to bring you a respectable return-on-investment.

Using PPC, you only pay when a user clicks on one of your ads across Google, Facebook, Amazon (etc etc) ads, usually with a limit defined by you, to give you one of the most manageable ways to guide your advertising to your ideal ROI.

You can let a platform control your bids or do it yourself – test all methods to find the one that suits you the most!

Well there you go – Thanks Charlie – that’s WTF PPC is! 

As always, if we can help you with anything Social Media or Digital Marketing, or even with your PPC (now that you know what it means!) – just give us a shout on hello@blackrockmedia.co.uk or give us a call on 01272 329 302.

See you on the next one!